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Freelance Digital Product Developer

Prototype and validation

Are you not feeling completely sure about a project yet? Not sure if it's worth it? Well test it out and get it validated before you invest a whole lot more into it. There are many ways to work prototypes today.

No need for a big tech team

To assemble, develop and launch a prototype or a minimum viable product, there is no need for a big and expensive tech team.
Save that money and spend it elsewhere.

Automate your processes

There are many things that can hold a company back from growing, but one thing I've seen a lot is boring and repetitive tasks that don't scale. Through automation, you can free up time to spend it where it matters.

Building apps

Many things can now be built faster through the use of no-code tools. This includes apps and web apps like marketplaces, directories and internal tools for your team.

I can help you with

no-code tools
project outline
web apps
no-code course
creative stuff
web apps
creative stuff

I work with the following no-code tools

9 Project Examples

Email Automations

Offering configuration of diverse automated email responses, tailored for customers, partners, or employees, activated upon specified events.

Webflow Website

Providing modern, custom-tailored websites designed to effectively showcase products or services, meeting unique business needs.

Custom CRM

Developing custom CRM systems to offer a holistic view of customer relations and deal flows, complete with personalized notifications to enhance team performance and customer satisfaction.


Creating user-centric digital platforms for facilitating content sale or sharing, aligning with the specific concept of the business.

Ecommerce Site

Establishing sophisticated e-commerce websites, replete with features that automate every aspect of online store management.

Figma Designs

Delivering UI designs for upcoming projects, perfect for comprehensive visualisation and swift testing of user journeys.

Google Sheets Automation

Crafting automated systems that populate Google Sheets with relevant information and timestamps, triggered by predefined events, for data collection and business insights.

Drip Marketing

Implementing strategic drip marketing initiatives, using event or time-triggered emails to keep a business at the forefront of potential customers' minds.

Community Forum

Building interactive platforms to engage and nurture communities, with numerous customization options to suit the unique needs of the brand and its audience.
I help companies succeed with their digital projects

Hello there!

I'm Christian Thisted, and I've found my calling in building tech. My passion has guided me down the thrilling road of establishing companies, developing digital products, and unique concepts.

I've embraced the philosophy of quick builds and even quicker tests - a practice that accelerates learning and invariably leads to superior outcomes.

This journey has turned me into a deft user of today's technological tools, all in the name of turning visions into realities. The real victory, in my eyes, isn't just about creating something that works—it's about creating something that brings genuine value to the table.

If my approach resonates with you, and you believe it could benefit your company, I'm all ears. Let's talk about your project, brainstorm some ideas, and figure out how we can transform your aspirations into reality.

Looking forward to connecting!

Christian Thisted
Picture of Christian Thisted
Companies and people that I work with
"Taking the low-code/no-code road together with Christian has been an eyeopener in terms of development speed, agility, and quality. Christian is very capable and helpful in sparring about how to travel this road optimally."
Malthe Bruun Ludvigsen
Founder & CEO at Personpilot
"In Klean Group, we have worked closely with Christian on client projects. As a digital agency, collaborating with Christian has helped shift our mindset regarding development projects and the advice we give to clients in connection with that."
Claus Nissum Holm
Director, Creative Tech at Klean Group
"In Klean Group, we have worked closely with Christian on client projects. As a digital agency, collaborating with Christian has helped shift our mindset regarding development projects and the advice we give to clients in connection with that."
Rikke Ullersted
Founder & CEO at THE UPCYCL

Lets talk

Grow your business by taking advantage of the latest technology. I will help screen and select the technologies that fit your project and needs the best.
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