Showcase 01
Human empowerment and authenticity is what the startup Personpilot is all about. Their platform allows companies and their employees to be authentically engaged at work and to perform sustainably.

I am developing both their website and platform. It's being done with a no-code approach in order to build and release features and a faster pace. This way, the startup can act on customer feedback immediately and progress their platform and services in the right direction.

Their website is built with Webflow and the platform itself is built in Bubble with a Xano database.
Showcase 02
Insight 24-7 is a startup founded by experienced ERP system consultants. Their idea was to turn consulting digital. The idea was not to make the typical website, but to solve a specific issue for many companies when picking an ERP system and implementation partner.

The users can browse ERP systems and implementation partners and quickly find what they need based on the extensive data on them. Furthermore, there are even more insights to be found in articles and webinars.

I worked as an external developer and advisor on the project for Klean Group.

Their website is built with Webflow and connected with all the data using Airtable and Make.
Showcase 03
THE UPCYCL is an impact startup aiming to built a sustainable and circular economy around industrial waste materials. It's a marketplace of materials that would otherwise have been discarded as waste.

To make this is a scalable a solution as well, the right tech and a large amount of automations are needed.

Their website is built with Webflow and connected with all the data using Airtable and Make.

Their custom order system is built in Bubble.

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